How to spot major upswings in stock prices BEFORE THEY HAPPEN

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The ‘Trading Triggers’ 4-Part Tutorial:

How to spot major upswings in stock prices BEFORE THEY HAPPEN

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In this four-part tutorial – you are going to discover a surprisingly simple way to trade stocks, and be in with a chance of winning most of those trades.

That’s because you’ll get a rare insight into what can REALLY move stock prices in a big way – and you’ll discover exactly how to find and trade these moves...

Most traders are not looking for the signals that drive these big upswings.

But renowned trader and educator, Eoin Treacy, is. In fact, the former Bloomberg Analyst has built his trading career around his ability to spot and trade these signals.

This is the idea he’s going to share with you during this four part tutorial, presented by Southbank Investment Research Publisher, Nick O’Connor,

In parts one, two and three, Eoin will share a different element of his ‘Trigger Point’ trading strategy with you – a system that can spot huge potential upswings in stock prices ahead of time.

This is the exact same system Eoin has used to build wealth successfully over the past 20 years.

In part four, you’ll get the chance to find out how to receive a live trading recommendation – so you can put Eoin’s strategy to the test yourself.

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In this four-part tutorial, Eoin will break his unique trading system down into a series of easy-to-understand lessons

You’ll want to sign up and tune in to this four part training event if...

  • You’ve never traded stocks before and you’re a bit wary of it – but you really like the idea of the potential rewards on offer...
  • You think trading stocks is too complicated, too fiddly and too risky
  • You’ve tried other “systems” before and found them difficult to understand and too restrictive – and you’ve basically given up.
  • You want to discover a new 'edge' to use in your current trading

Here’s the agenda for the four-day programme...

Sign up now for this exclusive 4-part training event with trader, educator and author, Eoin Treacy…

‘Trading Triggers’: How to Spot Major Upswings in Stock Prices BEFORE THEY HAPPEN…

THE AGENDA: PART 1 – Tuesday 1st January

‘HERDING CASH’ – The only force capable of moving a stock price... and how to trade it...
  1. The range is your friend: discover how to hone in on the most lucrative chart signal of them all (most traders HATE this)
  2. Learn the ‘human’ truth about financial markets that makes them much easier to read – and profit from (most traders completely ignore this)
  3. Revealed: the untapped profit potential of ‘sleeper’ stocks... when they go, they go BIG
  4. Discover how to make big money from trading – WITHOUT spread-betting, fixed odds or CFDs

THE AGENDA: PART 2 – Wednesday 2nd January

‘READING MINDS’ – 3 steps to the perfect trade set-up...
  1. The ‘RANGE’ – discover how this most hated trading signal stores profit potential like a coiled spring
  2. The STORY – learn how a stock’s next big move to the upside may have already been written
  3. The CATALYST – revealed: how to decipher when a stock is most likely to break out of its range and rocket upwards

THE AGENDA: PART 3 – Thursday 3rd January

‘TRADING TRIGGERS’ – Big money examples that will seem obvious to you now...
  1. The system put together: learn how to trade for big gains without using ANY kind of leveraged instrument
  2. Discover how a simple understanding of stories, and of human nature, can help you spot major upswings in stock prices before they happen
  3. Revealed: How to make big trading gains the intuitive way: without using any fiddly ‘technical’ indicators or software programmes

THE AGENDA: PART 4 – Friday 4th January

‘FIGHT or FLIGHT’: Your chance to find out how to receive live ‘Trigger Point’ trading recommendations from Eoin Treacy...

Tune in for the grand finale – and for your chance to put Eoin’s Trigger Point Trading strategy to the test for yourself...

Here’s the agenda for the four-part programme...

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By entering your email address, you are consenting to receive emails about The Trading Triggers 4-day Tutorial.

As you’ll see, Eoin’s system has nothing to do with technical indicators, algorithms or software of any sort. In fact, the ‘trigger point’ system is the complete opposite of a “black box” strategy.

And that’s why we think you’ll like it.

This is trading at its simplest and most intuitive – based, not on some mathematical equation, but on something we all understand and know well: stories...  and the things that make human beings tick.  

Knowing this one fact alone can help you anticipate large upswings in stock prices BEFORE THEY HAPPEN

Most so-called ‘technical’ trading systems fail because they focus only on historical price ‘data’.

They crunch this data, and apply various algorithms to it, hoping it will show them when a stock will change direction next. A change of direction is where you can make the most money.

But the problem is,

Price data isn’t actually data at all.

It’s a human reaction to data.

Look at any stock price chart. All you’re seeing is a snapshot of the relationship between buyers and sellers. The line on the chart simply shows how these two groups of people have fought over the valuation of an equity or asset.

This struggle is based on their reaction to events: an earnings announcement… a major discovery… the result of an election or referendum… and so on.

If the event is perceived to be good news for the stock, investors will buy. If it’s bad news, they tend to sell. The chart simply records this.

If you agree that there’s some sense in this idea you are going to get a lot out of our 4-part training event.

You see, clever algorithms and indicators – for all of their wizardry – can’t move markets. They are explanatory but not predictive.

The only thing that can move markets is the action of large crowds of people.

And people are predictable.

Anything that’s predictable is tradeable.

Eoin has been trading stocks successfully using this intuitive method for 20 years. He travels around the world putting on 2-day events to show stock traders how his method works. And more importantly, how you can profit from it.

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On Friday 4th January, during the final part of the ‘Trading Triggers’ event, Eoin will hand you the chance to receive his live trading recommendations – so that you can put his ‘Trigger Point’ system to the test yourself.

You don’t have to commit any money to this trading recommendation. Just stick the details in your watch list and see what happens.

Hopefully you’ll see just how easy and potentially lucrative it can be to trade the markets this way. You’ll also discover that it’s very quick and straightforward to absorb this technique into your regular investment activity.

And even if you’re already a successful and accomplished stock trader, you'll come out of the event smarter, with a bunch of new trading ideas you never had before....

If you can only be at one session, make it this one.


Just for signing up to this 4-part training event, you’ll get a PDF taster of Eoin’s book, Crowd Money.

crowd money

In Eoin’s words:

“I wrote Crowd Money because I believe we’re at the beginning of one of the most exciting periods in human history.

The amount of wealth that will be created in the next 20 years will be unlike anything we’ve ever known.

This – in my opinion – will create a paradise for traders who understand how to anticipate market events.”

In Crowd Money, Eoin shares his unique view of the financial markets in more detail. And he reveals how it's possible to move ahead of the crowd time and time again to make money in the markets.

In your ‘taster’ PDF – which will be emailed to you on Friday 4th January, you’ll get...

“A treasure trove of ideas and insights from a serious student of today’s markets.”

— Bill Bonner on Crowd Money

  • Chapter 1. The Four Pillars of Global Thematic Investing
  • Chapter 2. Chart Reading versus Technical Analysis
  • Chapter 3. Group Formation (Me + Them = Us)

These free chapters are exclusive to our training event and come from a book that costs £45 to buy on Amazon – not including shipping.

NOTE: On Friday 4th January, during the final part of our training, you’ll also find out how you can get a PHYSICAL copy of Crowd Money delivered to your door.

Get ready to add an exciting new dimension to your investing...

Sign up to our 4-part training event now and Eoin will explain how it’s possible to anticipate large upswings in stock prices before they happen...

Not based on technical indicators...

...Not on any ‘insider’ knowledge of a specific sector...

...But on an understanding:

  • That markets are man-made entities
  • That you can read the story of any stock in its price chart
  • And that human reactions to data are the true drivers of stock prices

Members of Eoin’s service pay up to £1,447 a year to receive recommendations based on these powerful upswings.

But if you sign up today, you’ll learn exactly how Eoin’s system works for FREE…

I repeat: there's nothing to buy and no credit card required to get on the guest list.

This training is free.

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